I am not a dream. Not a memory. I am as real as you are, Iron Queen. Death could not quite hold me, all those years ago.
— Ariella to Meghan Chase in The Iron Knight

Ariella Tularyn was Ash's first lover. She was thought to be killed by a wyvern, and was the cause of Puck and Ash's ever-lasting vow to kill each other. Ariella was resurected by the Nevernever to serve as a Seer. Being a Seer, she couldn't reveal herself to be alive to Ash and Robin (because her powers showed in a vision that Ash, somehow, would not meet Meghan probably not be born she was unable to tell him about her so will Robin meet Meghan still ) until The Iron 'Knight, when she accompanied him, Grimalkin, Puck, and the Wolf on his quest to become mortal. She was also believed to be the first one to die out of Ash's curse that every girl he loves will be taken away from him. She sacrificed her life in order for Ash to become mortal.


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It was believed that Ariella died while hunting with Ash and Puck, decades before Meghan Chase's story began, causing Ash to swear to kill Puck. But during The Iron Knight, Ash and Puck learn that Ariella had been reborn shortly after her death. She helped Ash on his way to the end of the World. In the end, she gave up her life willingly so Ash could have a soul and be human.


She was in love with ash. Managing to show him that there is more to life than blocking out everyone and everything because of your heritage. They fall deeply in love and even after she dies, Ash continues to love her. After she was reborn, she knew that he would fall in love with Meghan but continued to love him. She sacrifices herself in order to get rid of his curse and so that he can finally be happy. 


Ariella was described as lively, happy, stubborn, peaceful, and joyful. The Winter Court couldn't crush her spirit, and she loved flowers and nature. Ash describes her as "the best one of us all". She was a great huntress with her bow and arrow, even sometimes beating Ash. When nervous she would touch her hair. In The Iron Knight, however, she choosed and obeyed to set on the path the "Nevernever" had revived her for thus becoming reserved and in overwelming pain for centuries. She was jealous of Meghan and Ash's relationship, but stayed mentally strong. Even after all those centuries, she still was good shown when with Puck and at the end. When she sacrifices herself for Ash's soul is tragic and dark.


Ariella was a beautiful, tall fey, with long, flowing silver hair, and a willowy yet strong body. She had clear blue eyes with flecks of silver in her irises, and gorgeous, delicate facial features. Her eyes were described as being like starlight. She was the prettiest of the Winter fey, and perhaps the Summer too.