I curse you, demon! Soulless one. From this day forth, let everyone you love be taken from you.
— Brynna's Grandmother to Ash in The Iron Knight

Brynna's Grandmother (Name unkown) is a very powerful shaman, who attempted to curse Ash, after he seduced her granddaughter, Brynna, and then broke her heart, which resulted in Bynna dying. She was killed by Ash.

She is also the high priestess of her clan.

History Edit

The Iron Knight Edit

Brynna's Grandmother first appears in The Iron Knight as part of Ash's second test. She is part of his conscience, a memory. It is revealed that she cursed Ash so that everytime he fell in love, he would lose them, until he was no longer soulless and empty. In response, he sliced off her head.

"I curse you, demon! Soulless one. From this day forth, let every-one you love be taken from you. May you suffer the same agony as the girl you destroyed, may your heart know pain unlike any other, for as long as you remain soulless and empty."

Personality Edit

She is described as being 'very strict' by her grandaughter.

She is also fearful of the fey, or 'Good Neighbors' as they were known at that point. She is afraid of what they may do to her clan, and as result forbades anyone to go into forest where the fey were known to reside.

Appearance Edit

She is described as having yellow teeth.

Relationships Edit

She was the grandmother of Brynna, and presumably loved her a lot, as she seeked out Ash and cursed him, as a revenge after Brynna died.

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