Leanansidhe (Lea) is the Queen of Exiles (a self-proclaimed title), the Dark Muse, and a muse of music and art. She was supposedly banished by Titania after becoming too popular and threatening her rank as Summer Queen. However, it was later revealed the Seer Ariella pulled the strings so Leanansidhe was banished in order for Ash and Meghan to meet her. She took Paul, Meghan's father, so Titania couldn't steal him, and made him play music for her. She is an ally of Meghan, Puck, Grim, Ironhorse, and Ash. She lives in the Between, a mansion literally between the mortal world and the Nevernever.


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Leanansidhe seems to have a deep hatred for Queen Titania, since she was the one who banished her. The feeling is mutual. She is, however, rather fond of Meghan. She gets annoyed with Puck, and was slightly wary of Ash when she first met him. She has a friendship and alliance with Grimalkin.


Lea is very confident and not at all self-conscious. She uses her power of persuasion to get what she wants when she wants it. Lea likes to know what's going on, so she sends her minions (her spies) to keep tabs on people. She likes music and creativity a lot, which is one of the reasons that she took Paul from the mortal world as he was an amazing pianist. The other reason was to annoy Titania, who wanted to take Paul to get at Meghan. Lea hates Titania compassionately, as she was the one who banished Lea from the nevernever because she felt that Lea was threatening her grip on the throne. Lea also likes big and glossy things, which suits her personality down to the ground. Leanansidhe seems to love to spoil and pamper herself, which she revealed in the "Iron Daughter" when she took Meghan shopping and took her to a spa.

She had also believed all along that Puck had taken Titania's golden mirror which she coveted, and her suspicions were revealed to be true when puck traded the mirror for Leanansidhe's 'violin's' release in "summer's crossing".


She is said to be as tall, regal and beautiful as any queen. With fiery locks of copper-gold hair, sapphire blue eyes and pale, flawless skin, she is adored and admired by all who meet her. Tall, slender and graceful with impossibly long legs and a perfect figure, she is the Queen of Art and Beauty. Her hair often blows and waves as if caught in an invisible breeze. She wears long, elegant gowns and only the finest jewelry. Her very presence is enough to make you believe you could perform fearlessly before an audience and bring the masses roaring and clapping on their feet.