Mab is the queen of the Unseelie court. She is the mother of Ash, Sage, and Rowan. Mab is queen of snow/ice and darkness.

Her biggest enemies are the rulers of the Seelie Court and ruler of the Iron Realm, King Oberon, Queen Titania and Queen Meghan Chase.


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Mab is cold, frightening, and sometimes very cruel. She is the Queen that can turn you into a living ice if you get to the wrong side of her. However, it was shown that she cared about her son, Ash, in The Iron Queen, when she gave him a pendant that protects the wearer from iron. She's an unyielding queen who's personality and deeds are known to cause fear to all who know her.

Even though Mab is cruel, she is a strong queen; takes care of and is quite protective of her kingdom. She is quite content with her power and land, and does not go to great lengths tho acheive more power. 

Unlike Titania , Mab is secretive in her plans and refuses to reveal it unless necessary to the point that even her third son, Ash does not know her objective in capturing Meghan Chase. She is also brave and full of pride as she easily challenges other courts to war when she feels offended. Mab had shown this personality and accused Oberon of letting the Chimera inside of the Seelie Court during the Elysium where Mab and the Unseelies arrived


Meghan describes Mab as not tall, like Oberon, and not willowy slim like Titania, but a figure women would die to have. She has long, shiny almost-blue black hair that is discribed as a "waterfall of black ink" tumbling down her shoulders. Her skin is pale white and her black eyes radiate power and royalty.

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