Mackenzie "Kenzie" St. James is a character from Call of the Forgotten series. She is the love interest for Ethan Chase, the half-brother of the Iron Queen.

She is introduced in The Lost Prince after class with Ethan mistaking her as part of the "pom squad". She is taken to Nevernever by Ethan to protect her from the Forgotten Fey. Kenzie wasn't born with the Sight but easily makes a deal with Leansidhe to obtain it.

She is diagnosed with leukemia.


The Lost PrinceEdit


Ethan ChaseEdit

Ethan is the reason why Kenzie was involved with the Fey. Throughout the Lost Prince their relationship evolves into something more. Eventually, they share multiple kisses.


Kenzie is very stubborn, quick-witted and loyal. When offered a chance to go back home, she said that Ethan and herself came together and they would leave together. When they were surrounded by a crowd of Iron Fey, she quickly evaded a fight between the crowd and Ethan by quickly offering her camera to the main packrat.


Kenzie has long, straight inky-black hair with the some strands in the front dyed sapphire. Her eyes are a warm brown. Ethan describes her as shorter than the others(cheerleaders), but more perky and cute than graceful and beautiful.