My name is Meghan Chase, and I'm the Iron Queen.
— Meghan Chase in The Iron Queen

Meghan Chase is the main character of the Iron Fey series, and the immortal, powerful, and ageless Iron Queen. She is Ash [1]'s wife, and a former love interest of Robin Goodfellow. She is also Kierran's mother.

She was originally a half Summer Faery and became the Iron Queen, ruler of the Iron Realm in the third book, The Iron Queen. It was rumored that when she became the Iron Queen, she became a full faery but it still hints that she still is in fact half-faery, as she was supposed to be in order to wield Iron glamour. She, however, still holds all the abilities of a fey and rivals Oberon, Titania, Leanansidhe and Mab. She rules alongside her husband.


The Iron King

The Iron King

The Iron Daughter

The Iron Queen

The Iron Knight



Meghan is described as fiercely stubborn and miraculously brave, even to the point of not caring about what happens to herself. Meghan is fiery and sharp-witted, more than enough to survive the crooked games of Faery. She's also very kind and genuine, loving and noble-hearted, and loyal traits of a true queen.


In an alternate future in The Iron Knight, as she grew in power as Iron Queen for several years, she became more shrewd, imposing and a truly formidable and great ruler, someone not to be underestimated. She still retained her lovingness and sincerity; however she demonstrated her willingness to sacrifice herself by nearly dying to stop Ferrum and heal both the Iron Realm and the rest of the Nevernever. By doing this, she eternally linked herself to the Iron Realm - and vice versa - becoming it's "living, beating heart."


Meghan is a beautiful faery with long, pale, thin blonde hair, pink lips, and big blue eyes. She has a slender, graceful, and energetic body shape. She looks like her father but has her mother's bright eyes. After stepping into faery, her true form was revealed to be that like a faery with pointed ears, sharp cheekbones and huge, doe-like eyes. As the Iron Queen, she has become more beautiful and inhuman. In battle, she looks terrifying, gorgeous, and powerful, more so than in her usual form.