King Oberon is the Summer Fey king of the Seelie Court and Meghan Chase's father. He is married to Titania.


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Oberon tends to be impassive and cold most of the time due to his stressful and demanding position as King of the Seelie Court. He is very arrogant, confident and powerful and is a no-nonsense ruler. He is much more fair than rulers like Queen Mab when it comes to passing down judgment but is still someone to be feared and highly respected. Towards his own daughter Meghan, he is a bit more lenient and softer, especially when it comes to her safety, but he still is just as tough on her as anybody else. It seems he is very frustrated and sometimes even unhappy with his wife Titania, and often finds solace in the arms of mortal women, his most recent being Meghan Chase's mother, Melissa.

Despite of this behavior, Oberon is actually calm and collected, he will not argue if it is not valid and is willing to fix things without war like he did in the Elysium incident and when Mab started to accuse him of trying to destroy the Unseelie Court and when Titania started arguing with Mab, Oberon tried to calm her knowing that the Seelie Court should apologize to the Unseelie.


As described in the Iron King; Oberon posseses a tall and slender body with shining silver hair that fall to his waist. He has green eyes and wears an antlered crown that rests on his brow and like the royals, power radiated around him.

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