A Phouka is a shape-shifting faery. They love drama, mischief, and making distractions. In their original form they look like a mortal, but with furred ears.


The Iron KingEdit

The Iron DaughterEdit

The Iron QueenEdit

The Iron Knight

The Lost Prince

Known PhoukasEdit

Tiothian - Phouka in The Iron Daughter. Ash had her keep an eye on Meghan when he couldn't be there.

Kimi - The half-breed phouka helped the trio in The Iron Daughter in Lea's home.

Todd - A half-breed phouka introduced in The Lost Price. 

Known FormsEdit







Always with a blazing yellow/red mane, tail, and hock feathers (like a clydestle) and luminescent misting yellow/red eyes , resembling that of an irish shire where they are called pooka draped head to toe in rattling chain know to be benevolent and malevolent playing tricks or helping travlers wrattling their chains when a human gets to close

These are not the only foms,the

Shire, Fox, and Hair are the most typical