Razor is a gremlin who is first introduced in The Iron Queen. He helps Meghan defeat Ferrum by rallying the other gremlins to swarm his moving fortress. In the spin off series, Call of the Forgotten, Keirran, Meghan's son, becomes Razor's "Master" and follows him around.


The Iron QueenEdit

The Iron KnightEdit

The Lost PrinceEdit

The Iron TraitorEdit


Razor is a very reliable gremlin. He helped Meghan at the war and later he helped Kierran and Ethan in the spin-off serie. Razor is also very busy and noisy, and loves bullying sheeps. Razor knows three languages: English, Gaelic and French.

Appearance Edit

Razor, like all gremlins, has long, thin arms, huge, flappy, batlike ears, and slitted, electric-green eyes.




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