Scott Waldron is a boy in the mortal world that Meghan had a crush on before she entered the faery world and fell in love with Ash. He is referred to as a jock as he is captain of the football team at Meghan's high school.


The Iron KingEdit

Meghan is assigned by a teacher to help Scott with his programming project in their Computer class. However, their tutoring session goes awry when the computer goes out of control and flashes a message on the screen stating that Scott peeks at guys in the shower room. Scott takes this as Meghan attempting to play a joke on him and storms out vowing that she would regret it.
Puck insists that Meghan can do better and refers to Scott as having the IQ of a rock and is accused of being jealous by Meghan.

The Iron Daughter Edit


Scott is a self centered guy and not the smartest one. After the incident on the computer class, Scott tricked Meghan, hence embarrassing her in front of the entire school.
He is also fond of charming girls he like as he tried to do with Meghan in the Iron Daughter Meghan refused but Scott insisted showing his persistance and making it clear that he tries his best to get something he wants.


Scott is described as having thick dark blond hair and brown eyes, with an adorable smile. He is considered very handsome by Meghan but nothing next to Ash after she meets him.