The Seelie Court, otherwise known as the Summer Court, is the warmer summer side of the Nevernever. It is ruled by the Faery King Oberon and his wife, Titania. Located in Arcadia.


The Iron KingEdit

The Iron DaughterEdit

The Iron QueenEdit

The Iron KnightEdit




Important People of the SeelieEdit


Seelie magic is the magic of life, heat and passion. New growth of Spring, the lethal beauty of fire, the violent destruction of a summer storm-all examples of Summer magic in the real world. The magic of Summer is wild, free and radiant, leaning towards light and feeling.

Weather and HabitatEdit

It is all things in abundance: music and light, heady aromas, lush textures; heavy with greenery, fruit and flowers in colors unimagined by humans. The royal palace of King Oberon lies in a giant fairy mound that is covered with a gigantic hedge of thorny briars, described as a large, bearded head. The palace is actually a forest-like combination of trees and hedges that can take you anywhere in the court, if you know where to go. A large courtyard of marble pillars and fountains are always filled with revelry and activity and, though underground, the sun still shines there.

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