The Hedge can take you wherever you want to go within the court. You just have to know the right paths.
— Tansy in The Iron King, page 143-44

Tansy is a friendly Seelie Court satyr who was ordered to help Meghan Chase become settled in at the Summer Realm.


The Iron King Edit

She is ordered by Oberon to get Meghan settled in at a room in the court. The next day Tansy decides to show her around the castle, and they run into Titania, who is less than welcome to Meghan. Titania tells Tansy that she would ask her questions and Tansy would speak for Meghan, and that if Meghan spoke directly to the queen, she would be turned into a hart and have the hounds set on her. Meghan follows the rule for a bit, but speaks to Titania and is almost turned into a hart. Oberon stops Titania, telling her she and her servants were not allowed to touch Meghan.

Tansy and Meghan attempt to leave, but Titania stops Tansy and tells her to take Meghan to the kitchens. Tansy nervously tells her about what the king had said, but Titania pays no attention, so Tansy has no choice but to delver Meghan to the kitchens before the queen lost her patience. Tansy doesn't speak on the way there until she has to introduce Meghan to Sarah Skinflayer, and she leaves soon after. Three days later Meghan is rescued from the kitchens because she needed to be cleaned and presentable for Elysium, and Tansy is one of the workers who attends to her.


Tansy is very sympathetic to Meghan, and tries to get her to follow the atmosphere of the castle.


Tansy is shorter than Meghan by a foot, and has large hazel eyes that matched her curly hair. She is described by Meghan as a goat-girl whose lower half smelled somewhat like a petting zoo.