The Wolf is an assassin wolf that lives in the Wyldwood. He is the same wolf who stalked Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs, and he grows in power by knowledge of his existence and storytelling. He was a main character in Winter's Passage (also featured on the cover), being sent to rescue Meghan Chase and kill her "captor", by Oberon.

He was an ally of Ash, Puck, Ariella, and Grimalkin in The Iron Knight and joined their quest for Ash to claim a soul, to spread his power and cement his remembrance by the mortals through the love story of Ash and Meghan.


Winter's PassageEdit

The Iron DaughterEdit

The Wolf was briefly mentioned as being an assassin sent by Oberon to rescue Meghan, but left her alone when he discovered she was traveling to the Winter Court by an oath.

The Iron KnightEdit


The Wolf is a ferocious predator, with a blunt, biting personality. He hates cats (especially Grimalkin, as he "infuriates" him), but in The Iron Knight, the two become friends.


The Wolf is a massive, horse-sized black wolf with gleaming yellow eyes.


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