The Unseelie Court, also known as Tir Na Nog or the Winter Fey, is the winter side of Nevernever. Its crystal palace is ruled by the Queen Mab. Emotions are preyed on there by the winter fey, making fey and other creatures cold, expressionless, and without a soul. Every autumn solstice, the Unseelie Court is given the Sceptor of Seasons, marking the beginning of winter.


The Iron KingEdit

The Iron DaughterEdit

The Iron QueenEdit

The Iron KnightEdit


The Winter Court is ancient enemies with their polar opposites, the Summer Court of Arcadia. They've been fueding since the beginning of time. The two are never supposed to fall in love, punishable by death or banishment. However, as seen in The Iron Queen, the two courts are capable of putting aside their differences for the greater good.



Important People of the UnseelieEdit

Weather and HabitatEdit

Tir Na Nog is always dark, snowy & bitter cold. The palace, as well as the main city, lies underground and there's barely any light for mortals to see by. The temperature is never above freezing. It is bleakly beautiful and austere, with snow-covered forests and frozen fountains.

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