Vi (short for Violin) is a young human violinist prodigy, her real name unknown. She was taken from her home by Leanansidhe, but was

stolen by Titania in revenge for supposedly stealing her golden mirror. Vi had short-term memory loss as a result of spending time in the Between, but Ash and Puck stole her back from Titania for Leanansidhe to complete a bargain Ash had made with her some time before. Puck, however, gave Titania's "missing" golden mirror to Leanansidhe in return for Vi's freedom.

As a human, she lived in a tiny town in the Ozarks.


Summer's CrossingEdit


Vi was a child no older then eight, with long mahogany hair, a small, thin frame, and dark eyes.


Vi's personality is not properly known because she was suffering from short-term memory loss (and in a daze), but she seemed quiet, solemn, and reserved. She was an amazing violinist, attracting the attention of Lea, who loved beautiful music. Vi also pushed herself as a musical prodigy, and seemed slightly unconfident when she played, thinking she could always have made it better.