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Virus was the second lieutenant of the Iron King Machina and an enemy of Meghan Chase, Ash, Robin Goodfellow, and more. She kidnapped Ash in The Iron Daughter and inserted the iron bug into his system to brainwash him into obeying her every command.


The Iron King Edit

The Iron DaughterEdit

Virus attempts to take over the Iron realm. By betraying the false king, after stealing the Scepter of Seasons, she claims to be Queen of the Iron Realm. She twisted Rowan’s mind into believing he could become immune to iron, and she gloats about the fact when Meghan, Puck, Grim and Ironhorse first meet her in the second book. She is also responsible for controlling Ash and forcing him to freeze over Meghan’s home, nearly killing her in the process. She controls him through an iron bug planted at the base of his skull, and only Meghan, who has the true power of an Iron Queen, can disable it. Throughout the last half of the story, we learn that Virus is amassing an Iron Army to take down the Old Bloods.

She seems to go almost insane once she discovers that Meghan is the one with the Iron power, as she starts giggling madly at the revelation when Meghan stops the iron arrows from riddling them all. Or maybe that's just what always happens before releasing the bugs from her mouth. She is killed when she is stabbed by Ash’s sword, cutting her in two.